Stunning Pebble Tile Bathroom Ideas 35
Stunning Pebble Tile Bathroom Ideas 35

20+ Stunning Pebble Tile Bathroom Ideas

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The use of bathroom pebble tiles to beautify and decorate floors dates back to ancient times of the old Greek and Roman architecture. People are fascinated about pebble tiles through which provide a variety of mosaic tile stone designs. Though several specimens are found around the world to substantiate the use of pebbles to design decorative interiors and exteriors, it seems that their natural look and feel keep fascinating people up till today.

Bathroom pebbles mosaics are made of natural stones that are mostly common in the South East Asian islands. The artistic people of the Island of Bali – Indonesia for example came out with a creative idea to fix pebble stones on mesh settings to install them with ease on various surfaces such as walls and floors.

Bathroom pebble tiles give a smooth feeling while stepping on them; many people comment that pebbles give a feeling similar to a therapy or a smooth massage. The applications of pebble tiles are vast. They can be used for a floor, shower base flooring, counter tops, bathroom walls, shower back splashes, beside bathtubs, etc.

These tiles can usually be customized according to need since the mesh that supports the pebbles can be easily installed when fixing each tile next to the other. A bathroom sink for example can be surrounded by pebble tiles to avoid stagnation of water and give a decorative design.

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