Amazing Herbs Garden Ideas 22
Amazing Herbs Garden Ideas 22

30+ Amazing Herbs Garden Ideas

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There’s no doubt about it. Modern methods of cultivation and livestock rearing have given us bigger and better-shaped vegetables and better-looking meat, but what’s happened to the taste?

So what do you do when you want to try and get a bit more taste back into your food? Do what our ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years by making regular use of herbs for cooking. The right choice of herbs can make the blandest of dishes tempting and exciting – even more so when they are fresh from your own herb garden.

This article is about the first step in developing your own cook’s herb garden – creating a plan. Once created your herb garden will provide you with an easily accessible supply of all the herbs you want in generous quantities. Don’t worry if you have never grown herbs before. It’s really not difficult providing you develop a plan in the way I have described below.

I don’t intend to tell you everything about herb gardening in this article, but if you follow the steps I have suggested you’ll have a good design and plan that will lay a foundation for cultivating all the plants you need.

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