Stunning Container Plant Garden Ideas For Patio 43
Stunning Container Plant Garden Ideas For Patio 43

30+ Stunning Container Plant Garden Ideas For Patio

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Porches and patios can be very seasonally used areas, or they may even be a place we enjoy on a year round basis. Often they are home to weatherproof furnishings, outdoor cooking equipment, and different types of gardens. Many people enjoy doing some container flower gardening around their patios, decks, and porches, but some people tend to choose plants more suited to this area than others.

Are there actually better choices for a patio area? Yes; and when you consider the location, the function of the area, and the desires of the gardener it is easy to how this all works.

The very first thing to consider when enjoying container flower gardening for areas like decks and patios is that the plants are intended to provide an attractive enhancement to the setting. This might mean that they add a softer or more natural look to a man-made structure, or it could mean that they are bringing in color and beauty. Before choosing plants for containers in these areas, however, it pays to consider what the total effects of the choices might be.

For example, let’s say that you have decided to plant some highly fragrant flowers in the containers surrounding your patio. These may bring bees, wasps, and ants to the area and if a family member has an allergy you will need to make another choice. Alternately, some very popular plants for containers are highly toxic to household pets and this list includes ivy, chrysanthemums, cyclamen, tulips, and even some lilies. This all means that attention to potential dangers should be part of the decision making process where container flower gardening is concerned


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