Enchanting Bathroom Ideas By Adding Wood Accents 38
Enchanting Bathroom Ideas By Adding Wood Accents 38

30+ Enchanting Bathroom Ideas By Adding Wood Accents

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Many of us take our bathroom lighting for granted. We go into the room, flick a switch, and voila, we have light. But if we really stop to think about it, lighting can have many uses, other then the obvious one of illuminating our way. The right kind of lighting can make all the difference to how we feel while we are in a specific room. It can also make a difference to overall ambience of the room.

Adequate bathroom illumination should be well placed and functional. While ideally it should be bright, if it is too sharp or severe it can have the opposite of the required effect. A room that is too brightly lit is very often not relaxing, and because people tend to enjoy relaxing in the bathtub, many of them prefer their lighting to be somewhat subdued, especially in the bath area.

However, vanity or mirrored areas of the bathroom will probably need a brighter form of bathroom lighting for purely practical reasons such as shaving, styling hair and putting on make-up. This could be the reason why some people try to find bathroom lighting ideas that can incorporate more than one kind of light source in their bathrooms. In this instance it is also common to see the use of dimmer switches or split switches so that the user can choose which lights he or she wants on at any given time.

Wall sconces on either side of a mirror can also be a good design tip as they can not only give more than adequate form of bathroom lighting, but can also balance out any shadows that may be thrown. This, again, is a very practical idea for shaving or make-up purposes. They can also add a nice decorative touch for that overall effect, while ceiling or alcove lighting can illuminate the rest of the room to give added functionality and safety. Stand-alone lamps that can be battery operated can also give a nice finishing touch for around the bathtub or on the vanity area.


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