30+ Relaxing Diy Wind Chimes Ideas

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I am one of those people that believe wind chimes to be one of the essential things to have in the home. For some strange reason, having them hanging outside a window, balcony or poolside completes the surroundings. The tinkles or thuds produced by the chimes have a calming effect on the ambience and their aesthetic designs help brighten up the environment.

Feng Shui followers also believe that having a wind chime can change your luck for the better. Placing the chimes in an auspicious spot can activate the positive vibrations in that sector, thus activating what they call good vibrations in your life which, in turn, will boost more good energy in your direction. This domino effect is the equivalent of “one good turn deserves another” and is a cycle of good fortune.


Whether this is true or not may differ from one person to another, of course. I, for one, am not one to tempt fate so I will hang my wind chime in my auspicious corner so my good chi will be activated and I will prosper as a result. If this proves untrue, at least my home will be aesthetically enhanced.No matter what material the wind chimes are made of, each holds its own value – metal wind chimes are popular for their ability to produce light, happy sounds while wooden chimes are favored for their dull, calm thuds.

Other materials like bamboo, shells, coins, glass or aluminum are also commonly used in wind chimes. Different sounds will be created by different elements and this will evoke different feelings so be sure to pick a sound that you will benefit from. If it is relaxation that you are aiming for, I suggest bamboo or wooden chimes – for me, they work best in helping me relax but there are some who like the tinkles of metal on metal. For stimulation, musical wind chimes work best – their specially tuned tubes will strike a pretty melody and help inspire you in your work


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