30+ Superb Diy Art Projects Ideas To Dress Up Your Garden

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Flowers are gorgeous, but they are far from the only option for wedding decorations. These days, a lot of couples are including interesting props in their ceremony and reception decor. Take a look at all of the great ways that unique items can be used to decorate your wedding.

Lighting has become a really big deal in wedding design over the last several years. Interesting lighting can be one way to use props to add style to your reception. Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, place small lamps on the centers of the reception tables to give the space an intimate bistro inspired atmosphere.


Clear crystal or glass lamp bases with architectural interest and ice blue silk shades are great for making your tables look like something from the Art Deco period. Or choose very swanky lamps made from rich bronze colored bases with beaded fringe shades for a very opulent effect. They are a great way to cast a warm glow and add style to your reception at the same time.

Theme related props can be a marvelous way to bring your design inspiration to life. For a travel theme celebration, stack cool old vintage suitcases in the corners of the reception space. Set wooden model sailboats on the reception tables as part of the centerpieces for a nautical wedding. Making the boats could be a fun project for the groom, if he is into that sort of thing; after all, it’s not only brides who can bring their diy skills to a wedding. Having a literary theme celebration? How about acquiring a retired wooden card catalog to use as a prop to hold escort cards? There are endless possibilities.


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