Pretty Home Garden Design Ideas For Childrens Play 47
Pretty Home Garden Design Ideas For Childrens Play 47

20+ Pretty Home Garden Design Ideas For Childrens Play

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When designing a new landscape or reevaluating an older landscape, don’t forget to work in spaces especially for children such as: a sandbox, jungle gym, and/or open grassy areas for football or net games like as volleyball and badminton (not just for children).

A sandbox or jungle gym can be tucked into a corner or other small area. For jungle gym or other physical activities a thick layer of shredded bark mulch on the ground will help to reduce the impact of falls.Introduce children to gardening and yard maintenance early on so that as they develop, they gain an appreciation and respect for plants and the landscape.

These learning sessions are the perfect opportunity for teaching them about plants and how they grow. This reduces the chances of children ingesting any poisonous parts of plants.For those with pets, work in an area for them to run and play.

Gravel can be irritating to their paws and hot in summer, so use shredded bark mulch for this area which also works great for their potty areas as well. Place dog houses in protected areas such as nearer the house/garage or tucked into corners (great where there is a fence for additional protection). Sun and wind protection are other points to keep in mind.


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