Beautiful Outdoor Design Ideas For Garden 42
Beautiful Outdoor Design Ideas For Garden 42

30+ Beautiful Outdoor Design Ideas For Garden

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It’s true when you have a back garden space that you want to renovate or develop, a garden shed is a great way of changing the look and feel of that space. An important part of that development can be a structure or out building to give you some extra storage space and allow you to store garden tools etc.

When you start to make your plans however you should consider several factors when you start to create your designs for garden sheds. The first and most obvious thing to look at is how much space do I have in the area where the storage facility will be created, you will also need to make sure you have adequate access to the shed. Depending on your local authorities some institutions have regulations on how close the storage facility is to the road etc, however in most cases you should be fine with a wooden structure.

That is one of the reasons a garden shed facility can be a great addition though, because I know in some locations if you build a structure above a certain height you sometimes have to get some sort of planning permission. It is usually with a brick or mortar structure that these sorts of rules apply, especially if the structure is attached to the main dwelling.

However usually with a standard wooden shed you are find and you can build it as large and make it as interesting as you want to.Once you have cleared your area and are happy with regulations and you know the size of the available land you have for the project, you need to start considering the overall size of your new garden storage facility. In most cases if the lot you have to build the shed is on the large side then you have much more scope and flexibility and you don’t particularly have to be exact with your sizes etc. However if the size of this space is small then this could influence the shed plan and design you have chosen and may mean that you have to be even more creative with your design for the garden shed.


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