Cozy Bedrooms Design Ideas With Neutral Color Schemes 42
Cozy Bedrooms Design Ideas With Neutral Color Schemes 42

30+ Cozy Bedrooms Design Ideas With Neutral Color Schemes

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You can put the quiet tones, subtle hues, and melting contrasts of flexible neutral shades to good use in designing rooms that reflect your lifestyle rather than dictate it.

Often thought of as the colors without color, the range of neutrals is vast. Strictly speaking, they span from black to white through all the grays, yet are also taken to include shades of cream, beige, and brown, such as taupe, ecru, fawn, and stone, and off-whites. These neutral shades are infinitely versatile, forming the basis of many restful interior schemes, from restrained soft modern to high-powered glamour.

Many people shy away from a purely neutral scheme for fear it may be dull or austere. Nothing could be further from the truth. A fresh confidence and interest abounds in the unadorned good looks of neutral finishes. As well as being quite capable of holding center stage in their own right, neutrals play an important part as an unassuming background for bolder accent colors.

The successful execution of a neutral scheme probably involves more initial thought and planning than a layout where colors reign supreme. You need to ensure that every element, from paint and fabric to ornaments and trims, pulls its weight. But once the scheme is established, it is very easy to live with, and leaves you free to insert further items without fear of color conflict.


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