Hottest Sky Garden Ideas With Landscape To Apply Asap 34
Hottest Sky Garden Ideas With Landscape To Apply Asap 34

20+ Hottest Sky Garden Ideas With Landscape To Apply Asap

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It is human nature to desire a beautiful place to come home to, a place to rest and regenerate with a renewed sense of vitality each day. Space is also a valuable commodity, so creating lovely and inviting rooms for sitting, eating, relaxing, and entertaining is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a smart investment. In a land of concrete and steel, the homes we design are some of the most treasured spaces on the planet.

Stepping into a roof garden and out of the city is a way of exchanging one world for another. Suddenly gone are the crowds on the streets below, and with them all the accompanying cacophony of cars, buses, subways, vendors, and all the incessant drills, beeps, clangs, bangs, and swooshes of construction in a city that is forever reconstructing itself.

All of this activity seems to dissipate into the faintest of hums when I am standing in one of the terrace or roof gardens I have helped to create. City gardens feel more like little paradises to me than gardens anywhere else, perhaps because the contrast between everyday life and the quiet repose of the garden is so great. No other place in the world are gardens more elusive or more necessary for people’s well-being.

They are elusive for more than just the obvious monetary reasons, but also for the monumental effort required in order for them to exist at all. Imagine carrying thousands of pounds of soil and plants up stairs and elevators in order to grow even the smallest garden on top of a building.

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