Best Small Rock Gardens Ideas That You Will Definitely Love 50
Best Small Rock Gardens Ideas That You Will Definitely Love 50

20+ Best Small Rock Gardens Ideas That You Will Definitely Love

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With proper and creative planning, you can create your own rock garden-there are literally thousands of plants that can grow in it, but only if you make sure to give them the right conditions. Moreover, rock gardens have that distinct physical condition that makes it compatible with a wide array of garden furniture, such as wind chimes, statues, fountains, and water features. Creating and keeping your rock garden in bloom may be a constantly challenging task, but the reward is priceless-aside from the admiration of friends and acquaintances, the nice impression you make on anyone who sees your garden, you also have your own “private Idaho.”

Contrary to what someone who hears the words “rock gardens” might conclude, it is not actually a garden featuring nothing but rocks, although rock formations do figure largely in the whole setup. Simply put, rock gardens are a clever (and beautiful) way of utilizing otherwise idle resources. Credit the ancient Chinese and Japanese for being among the first ones to realize and exploit the potential and use of rocks in beautifying their home environment. Historical accounts vary, but rock gardens in the Chinese and Japanese context are not only decorative in purpose, but symbolic as well- certain rocks held special meaning concerning religion, wisdom, and life itself, which is why even now rock gardens have a deep special place in their culture.

In England in the 1800s, many exotic botanical treasures were being imported from the far-flung reaches of the British Empire, and people wanted to grow these treasures locally, if only to impress their friends. In 1919, Reginald Farrer’s two-volume book ‘The English Rock Garden’ was published, and it subsequently became a sensation among professional and amateur gardeners. Fast-forward to the present, the modern application of rock gardens may be regarded as essentially Japanese in influence, but it is actually more a blending of different cultures, philosophies, and aesthetic sensibilities. For example, the rock garden you may find in an average American home represents modern ideas about beauty, as well as its success relies on the botanical knowledge pertaining to the kind of plants that can thrive in any rocky environment.

Not all plants can grow in a rock garden, and even those who do still require a lot of care and soil preparation to ensure their health. A stone garden stands on a well-planned bed that considers durability (the rocks should not roll down the slope), stability (it should not fall down like a stack of cards, or, well, rocks), and good soil drainage, while not altogether chucking aesthetics aside. Only when these basic matters are taken care of can you choose the plants that will call your garden home. Among the most common choices include succulents, such as sedums, hens and chicks, and agave. Alpine perennials are also excellent choices, such as dianthu and campanulas.

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