Affordable Rv Organization Tips Ideas For Trips Looks Elegant 29
Affordable Rv Organization Tips Ideas For Trips Looks Elegant 29

30+ Affordable Rv Organization Tips Ideas For Trips Looks Elegant

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Running a successful at-home business while managing a household has its challenges. How should you schedule your day if you have children at home with you? Should you hire a housekeeper? Where can you set up your home office so as to encounter the most quiet and the fewest interruptions?

There are many things you can do to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently, from training your children to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher to hiring a freelancer to write copy for your website. But as a work-at-home mom myself, I believe the number one organization tip for WAHMs is to plan ahead. There are three main ways to do this: plan for each day the evening before, plan meals at least a week in advance, and plan goals and deadlines.

To plan for the day the evening before, an hour or two before you go to bed (so you don’t end up feeling “too tired” to do it), take ten or fifteen minutes to think about the next day. Look at your daytimer or calendar to see if you have any appointments,whether personal or business, scheduled. Write them down first, and plan the rest of the day’s activities around them.

If you homeschool or otherwise take care of your children during the day, listen to the weather forecast. If the weather is going to be inclement, jot down a few ideas to keep your kids busy indoors while you work. If you usually visit the park, decide what will be the best time of day. Then, consider what other tasks and projects you need to carry out to move your business forward. What marketing tasks will you perform the next day? How many pages will you write in your book? Answering such questions before you go to bed not only ensures a more peaceful night’s sleep, but will make the next day run much more smoothly and probably increase your productivity.

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