Cozy Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas To Try Asap 41
Cozy Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas To Try Asap 41

20+ Cozy Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas To Try Asap

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They are in either a pot or unique basket filled with a tasty, mixed variety of culinary herbs, little topiaries, blooming mini scented plants (geraniums, roses, Ivys, cosmos etc.,) and cute little fairy furniture. Tiny trellies, chairs, wheel barrels, and buckets accessorize them as well. They are very realistic if placed in a ‘low & long’ or ‘low & wide’ container, where you see the actual nature scene with the different levels and adorable ‘naturistic’ furniture.

These Fairy gardens are absolutely enchanting to any room, and useful in your most culinary dishes. They can appear immortal, if taken care of properly, and if kept in a sunny location; they will stay very nice for long periods of time.

Its nice to make sure your tiny topiaries are in bloom, and are a great conversation piece for any party or get-together. “I feel like I’m part of a little forest” People have said. They are a wonderful idea for kids to ponder, and imagine they’re part of.
The combinations are endless, incorporating little ferns, mosses, rocks and other various natural elements.

I train the ivy’s to grow around the trellis, for an additional effect of realistic feeling.
Fairy Gardens are fun to plan, picking the plants and containers, and also easy to maintain. The pruning process of the herbs for cooking helps them gain strength, and makes them bushy.

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