Wonderful Herbs Gardens Ideas To Try Simply 34
Wonderful Herbs Gardens Ideas To Try Simply 34

30+ Wonderful Herbs Gardens Ideas To Try Simply

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The first thing you need to do is decide which herbs you want to grow. If you don’t spend some time thinking about this you’ll end up growing some you don’t need, and leave out some of the others that are essentials for your cooking.

There are 100’s of herbs to choose from that you could include in your plan. Some thrive in sunny spots and well-drained soil and others prefer shade and damp conditions. A good rule is to choose a sunny spot. However, you need to know about the ideal conditions for each of your chosen herbs so that you can position them correctly in the garden you’ll develop once you have produced your plan.

Start choosing your herbs by writing down a list of the ones that you are familiar with or that are commonly used in cooking. In your list write the names first, but leave space to also write down the type (annual or perennial), the best position (sunny, shade) and best soil conditions (well-drained, moist etc). Also leave space to include the height that each plant will grow to.

Now extend your list with other herbs. Consider choosing from the following herbs that are frequently used in cooking – sage, tarragon, marjoram, basil, lemon thyme, fennel, chives, parsley, rosemary, bay, garlic, mint and thyme.You’ll need to do some research to complete your list, but this is a very important step in developing your plan. When your list is finished it should include the names of twelve or so herbs and the additional information I described above.

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