Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring This Current 38
Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring This Current 38

30+ Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring This Current

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Bathrooms and kitchens, we all hear that these rooms are what most impacts potential buyers. And it makes sense; the majority of our waking hours are spent in these two places. Today, I am going to take on the issue of trendy versus functional bathrooms.

My first tip is to avoid the temptation to design for the ‘wow factor.’ And what I mean by this is, massive spaces with immense whirlpool tubs and ‘vessel’ sinks perched atop the counter, while trendy and impressive at first sight, are not the most functional of spaces. Space in the bathroom is nice, but design for functional space. Extra storage in the bathroom is something that we all know is helpful, but something that is so rare in bathrooms.

Even the massive bathrooms that are bigger than most of our master bedrooms, typically only have a tiny closet and the space under the sink for storage space. How much nicer would it be if you had extra room for more towels, toiletries, and all the flat irons, hair curlers, etc. that you own?

Tip two is to make certain there is plenty of light. Ideally, this is in the form of natural light. If you can put in a window (or two) that will make a major difference for you and for potential buyers.The third tip is to be certain of plenty of ventilation. The addition of windows will increase the effectiveness of the electric fan in the bathroom. Hot, steamy showers create a very humid environment, and a well ventilated area makes sure there are no negative repercussions from those wonderful hour-long showers.

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