Modern Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas That Looks Elegant 02
Modern Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas That Looks Elegant 02

30+ Modern Halloween Theme Garden Decor Ideas That Looks Elegant

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During Halloween, most people decorate their homes with scary decorations within and outdoors. Every household opts for a haunted house theme, which requires many creepy looking and scary crafts to create that spooky atmosphere. These may include fake cobwebs, witches, bats and ghosts all put together to create the haunted house look. Halloween art and crafts are quite easy to make and the materials required are available in the house or they can be procured very cheaply from the neighborhood store. Halloween art and craft d├ęcor projects help the family to bond together, enjoy each other’s company and create wonderful crafts together. Here are a few crafts that are very easy to make:

This Halloween project is best suited if you have bushes in the yard. Take a simple white bed sheet, depending on the size of the bushes. Fold the bed sheet into half and place a newspaper within the fold. Draw a face of a ghost on the sheet with either fabric color or permanent marker. The ghost face can be funny or scary, depending upon your fancy. You can make a number of these ‘ghosts’. Drape the sheet on the bush and secure it tightly with clothespins. Your garden ghost is ready to haunt the garden.

The next Halloween decoration can be used to decorate the outside of the house. You will require a plain white lid, like the ones on a margarine container, or the lids can be painted white. You will also need 3 circles cut out from black construction paper for the eyes and mouth, 2 white trash bags or grocery sacks, 2 white pipe cleaners, scissors, glue, black yarn, a hole punch and tape.

Glue the eyes and mouth to the front of the lid. Cut off the handles and any writing that may be on the grocery sacks. Lay them flat on a surface and cut up 2-inch wide strips leaving about an inch near the seam, intact. Glue one pipe cleaner stem on to the seam. Turn over the lid. Now bend and insert the pipe cleaner with seam into the ridge round the bottom half of the lid and secure it into place with tape. Repeat the process with the second pipe cleaner and sack, inserting it into the upper half of the lid. Make a hole with the punch on the top of the lid, pass the black yarn through it, and knot up the ends. Hang up these ghosts on trees so that they float in the breeze. Another fun idea would be to have your kids hold on to the string and run around, making it appear as if they are being followed by a ghost.

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