Unordinary Narrow Room Design Ideas Can Look Wider 50
Unordinary Narrow Room Design Ideas Can Look Wider 50

20+ Unordinary Narrow Room Design Ideas Can Look Wider

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Every house has a different size of living room. While some are big and are in a square size, there are cases whereby the living rooms are small and narrow. When it comes to interior design and decoration, it may be much harder to find the right decoration for a small and long room as compared with the one that is in a perfect square. However, there are definitely ways that you can make use of to transform a small and narrow living room into a great one just like how the expert usually does.

Anyway, to understand why it seems to be such a tough job to decorate a small and narrow room, it could be because of your lack of knowledge in this aspect. For example, you could be putting too much emphasis on one particular direction or you could be using the wrong color which makes the room look even smaller. To really start learning about the right way, you need to start identifying where the focal point is. More often than not, the focal point is the side wall. You should put your sofa or fireplace at that location to balance out the length of the room.

Next, since the room is already limited in its size, you would not want to have too many furnitures there. Otherwise, the small living room will become congested and will appear as even longer and narrower. All you should have are just several simple furnitures and some organizing tools. On the same note, you might want to take the size of the living room furniture into consideration as most of them are usually quite huge in size.

When it comes to extremely long living room, perhaps the best way to decorate it is to place some rugs at strategic locations. A very good idea is to place a rug underneath the sofa and the coffee table to draw the attention of people. Besides that, some experts like putting a medium-sized rectangular rug right in front of the fireplace to achieve the same purpose as well. If you are able to heed all these advices which are recommended by experts themselves, rest assured that your living room which is initially narrow and long will appear just nice ultimately.

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