Unique Ceiling Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Have 39
Unique Ceiling Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Have 39

30+ Unique Ceiling Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Have

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Frosted Globe is perhaps the simplest decorated ceiling fixture. This is what your builder usually provides as a basic ceiling light for foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Though this fixture may be sufficient for the laundry room and workshop, try to avoid it in the other rooms and choose other, more attractive ceiling fixtures like chandeliers, track lights or down lights, just to name a few.

Chandeliers are hanging fixtures. Originally, Chandeliers were used to hold candles but the advent of electricity has replaced candles with electric lamps. These come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary depending on the mood you want to create in a room. An opulent crystal chandelier will set the mood for a traditional formal dining room or a center hall. A rustic Early American farmhouse can make use of a chandelier made of wood, pewter, or iron. A sleek metal or plastic chandelier will fit beautifully in a contemporary setting.

Downlights are ceiling fixtures which project light downward, as their name implies. There are two types of Downlights – Recessed downlights and Surface Mounted downlights. Recessed downlights are fitted into a space inside the ceiling, also called High Hats. Some High Hats direct light towards the wall and these fixtures are called wall washers. Wall washers are usually used to light objects on or along the wall such as paintings, tapestries, bookcases, draperies and other window treatments. Another type of downlight, which is a very specialized type of a ceiling fixture, is the Focusing Lens Projector. This is specially used to highlight paintings, sculpture, vases or other works of art. You have a choice between either floodlamps or spotlamps with your recessed downlights. While a floodlamp casts a broad beam, a spotlamp casts a narrow beam of light.

Surface Mounted Downlights are easier to install than recessed mounted downlights since no cutting of the ceiling is required. Surface mounted downlights do not disappear into the ceiling. Matching the color of the surface mounted downlights with the color of the ceiling will achieve a unified look.Track Lighting is the fastest growing type of modern lighting. This is made up of a metal track attached to the ceiling with individual lighting fixtures inserted at any point along the track. Currently, there is a wide range of available fixtures which can be used for track lighting, ranging from narrow focused pin-spots to broad floodlights and wall washers.

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