Impressive Farmhouse Concrete Countertops Design Ideas To Try 36
Impressive Farmhouse Concrete Countertops Design Ideas To Try 36

20+ Impressive Farmhouse Concrete Countertops Design Ideas To Try

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Walk into a countertop showroom and you’ll be immersed in choices – hundreds of them! In the diversity of surfaces you’ll see flecks and solids as well as graining reminiscent of fireworks, flowing lava, a bubbling brook and more. What to choose? Granite or something manmade? Concrete is very now. Would stainless steel get a wow? Or is Green the way to go? Next, you will be asked to name your edge – straight edge, ogee, eased – oh my! But, compared to the array of surfaces, choice of edging is easy – under 20 types!

“Price does not necessarily equate to quality, now that cost of granite countertops has been dropping over the last decade-exciting news indeed! You can get a great, timeless or on trend product at an affordable price. (The average cost of a countertop redo is $2,500 for the average kitchen space.) Draper reports that many of the most popular colors – greenish black Uba Tuba, for example – are priced equal to other types of counter top surfaces.”

Granite and engineered stone are widely coveted for the beauty and connection to nature but also for the durability. Nothing less than an axe could chip these surfaces! And today’s protective finishes make them extremely stain resistant.

For those who prefer a uniform look for their counter surface, engineered stone may appeal. Engineered stone, consisting of more than 90% natural quartz aggregate, is non-porous and requires a bit less maintenance. Silestone or CaesarStone are two of the top-selling brands.Other natural surface choices include marble for an “old world” look, albeit more practical for the bathroom than kitchen countertop, and soapstone. The weathered look of soapstone works in contemporary, farmhouse and traditional settings.

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