Outstanding Living Room Style Design Ideas With Concrete Wall 32
Outstanding Living Room Style Design Ideas With Concrete Wall 32

30+ Outstanding Living Room Style Design Ideas With Concrete Wall

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What would you say to a unique, cost effective alternative to remodeling any room in your home that could integrate almost any of your interior design ideas? How would you feel about not having to search for that “perfect” piece of granite or that “exact” color of paint or even the right size tile to fit a particular space or project?Take concrete resurfacing indoors. This wonderfully artistic, one of a kind application combining durability and functional-artwork, known mostly for outdoor living spaces including driveways, walk ways, patios and outdoor kitchen/living spaces is not just for the outdoors .

If you are looking to upgrade, remodel or renovate, consider utilizing concrete resurfacing. The sealed durability of concrete outweighs both function and longevity of most surfaces that you might be considering. Tile and stone looks can be achieved customizing your design ideas on just about any surface in any room of your house.Kitchen renovations are among the costliest and although there is no getting around appliance costs, there can be savings to be found in counter tops, back- splashes, walls and flooring.

Stone and tile can be replicated at a fraction of the cost by using concrete resurfacing techniques creating custom applications integrating your unique color, texture and design ideas.Resurfacing techniques using a thin overlay product can be used with little or no preparation to existing tile, linoleum, Formica or wood. Concrete resurfacing takes days rather than weeks or months for installation and when you take into consideration the time and efforts saved in shopping around for tile, paint, that exact piece of granite, not to mention the continually rising fuel costs, you are looking at significant overall cost savings.

Bath renovations are the next costly renovations in home improvement. As with kitchens, although there are not as many appliances/fixtures to replace, there is still a considerable savings to be had using concrete resurfacing. If your bath or shower needs replacing, your imagination is your limitation in deciding the colors and textures that you would like to create! Don’t stop there, carry it through to the walls and floors and while you are at it, resurface your vanity.

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