Classy Spring Garden Decor Ideas For Wedding 2019 50
Classy Spring Garden Decor Ideas For Wedding 2019 50

20+ Classy Spring Garden Decor Ideas For Wedding 2019

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Putting the final touches on your spring wedding? This is, of course, the most popular time of year for weddings because of the bright colors and the beautiful weather. And of course one of the things that really enhances the event are spring wedding favors. These are small tokens given to your guests to show gratitude for them attending the wedding. In many cases these spring wedding favors are related to the overall theme and decorations. Spring wedding favors are quite beautiful since they often feature bright flowers and designs. And if you have the good fortune to have warm, sunny weather in your part of the country, you can even choose to have an outside, garden wedding–complete with garden wedding favors.

At your spring wedding, you’ll typically incorporate the classic spring colors such as cream, white and pastels. Other favorite colors fall in the teal, peach and green families. The bridesmaids often wear shorter dresses with open necklines, whereas the groom and the groomsmen will often also go with lighter fabrics. You’ll want to match everything with this light, lively look–including your spring wedding favors. To give your wedding the complete atmosphere of spring, use flowers wherever possible.

After all, for most people, thoughts of spring are thoughts of bright flowers and butterflies and birds and so forth. It’s exciting finding unique ways to incorporate these ideas into your spring wedding favors. For instance, you can often find favors decorated with spring flowers and creatures. You can even find spring wedding favors that come shaped like fruit. A popular one is the heart-shaped pear.

Related to the spring wedding is the garden wedding, although these often take place in the autumn. A garden theme will mean finding some nice garden wedding favors. These could include items such as chocolates, flower-shaped soaps, flower centerpieces, and more. You can give a lovely look to all of the guest tables with centerpieces that use gel candles or glass or wild flowers. You can also consider putting potpourris in glass bowls for an extra atmospheric effect.

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