Delicate Flower Hanging Garden Design Ideas For Spring To Try Now 41
Delicate Flower Hanging Garden Design Ideas For Spring To Try Now 41

20+ Delicate Flower Hanging Garden Design Ideas For Spring To Try Now

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Visualize colorful flowers suspended from the ceiling by a string, growing out of a spherical mound of dirt which was placed in a net and covered by clover. That is how a hanging garden design by artist Fedor Van der Volk appears. He creates modern designs known as String Gardens in Amsterdam. This artist also displays exotic orchids growing from a root bulb that is covered with moss and grass creating a mesmerizing aura as it seems to float in the air. The plants in Van der Volk’s hanging garden design reveal their roots, which makes it seem as if they were just uprooted from the ground. Imagine beautiful azaleas hanging in suspension, sprouting out from a ball of moss. As the azaleas grow, they tip to the side and resemble hot air balloons floating in the sky.

Suspended from the aged elaborate dome ceiling of an abandoned church in Cincinnati, artist Shinji Turner Yamamoto exhibits a tree which has been uprooted. Its large roots dangle under the large patch of dirt surrounding the base of the tree. What a marvel to see a tree that looks like it is elevating to the Heavens. This is the Global Tree Project, an exhibit which promotes community togetherness in a project to enlighten folks about the necessity of land and plants which sustain them. The tree is cared for and watered during the exhibit and at the end, community members help the artist replant the tree.

You can actually create a hanging garden design using PVC gutters. They can be cut to certain lengths and arranged in groups that are held together by steel rods. This would make a beautiful hanging garden of herbs, small fruits and vegetables for apartment dwellers with balconies. Just anchor it to the ceiling in front of a wall and you will be able to enjoy your own produce during the summer months.

Use your imagination and create your own hanging garden design. Use planters that match the theme of your home in various textures or use something unique to put your plants in. A mix of soil, manure and peat moss for your hanging garden in the right amount will keep it healthy and bright. Make sure not to over pack pots with soil as this will put too much weight on the cords the plants are hanging from. Keep suspended pots out of the way of traffic in your home and remember they need air, sunlight and water. If you prefer, you can also hire a floral designer to create a beautiful hanging garden for you or you can get some advice from at a local nursery for ideas.

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