Newest Furniture Design Ideas For Modern Tiny House To Try 33
Newest Furniture Design Ideas For Modern Tiny House To Try 33

30+ Newest Furniture Design Ideas For Modern Tiny House To Try

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The oldest and most common design material of furniture that is used for furniture today is wood. Almost all types of furniture can be made of wood. The benefit you can take from wood is its good texture and its easiness to set up. Even, you can carve wood to get maximum results. Its finishing itself is very diverse from finishing that highlights wood fibers up to its appearance such as metal or plastic.The price of wood furniture varies depending on materials and furniture design. For example: the teak that you carve certainly costs more expensive than furniture made from MDF.

Metal materials such as iron, aluminum or stainless are growing rapidly as the raw material of modern and contemporary furniture. Iron needs to be painted or coated to avoid rust. That is why, the aluminum and stainless are more widely used.Metal is very strong and durable. The metal material is usually combined with other furniture materials such as plastics and wood. Its slim shape makes the room feel spacious. The metal material is suitable for interior or exterior use.

Furniture made from plastic is printed in large quantities. Indeed, in the past, the plastic chairs were used only in food shops or meeting places because their storage can be stacked, so you do not need to be confused about space. But, with the advancement of current technology and design, nowadays, plastic furniture is the right choice for modern interiors. Its use is often combined with stainless or aluminum.

The raw material of rattan and bamboo is widely available in Indonesia. But, the manufacturing process of rattan that is more complicated makes the price of this furniture more expensive. The form of rattan furniture is unique and highly favored by Europeans and Americans. Rattan and bamboo furniture is strong and durable depending on its finishing material.There are still some furniture materials that are not so commonly used, such as water hyacinth, root wood, cloth that is filled, or ceramic. However, no matter furniture material you want, choose carefully.

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