Cozy Small Master Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples To Try 30
Cozy Small Master Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples To Try 30

20+ Cozy Small Master Bedroom Décor Ideas For Couples To Try

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Initially viewed merely as a source of illumination, this is today an important design accessory. The right lighting sets the ambience and creates the necessary atmosphere. Recessed lighting, especially near the windows at two extremes of the room under pelmets, lends a romantic touch to curtains, creating a dramatic effect. Localized lighting creates little spaces for oneself, highlighting the use of colour in the room and ensuring a romantic setting at all times. Avoid tube-lights. They are not just harsh, they also lend an almost dreary and unflattering uniformity to the room.

Use lamps – big, small, wall brackets, lanterns, antique looking pieces (good old Manish market, Lohar Chawl or Heera Panna, starting at Rs. 300 upwards and do test your negotiating skills here) or even convert an artifact, eg. a wooden carving into a trendy wall bracket with a shade to match. Adjustable reading lamps come in various styles and metal finishes to complement the décor.One suggestion for a soft, dreamy bedroom atmosphere is the use of bedside lamps with a large shade enveloping one in its golden shadows. Floor lamps and concealed spotlights strategically placed just over the dresser or wardrobe are alternatives.

The use of a dimmer serves functional as well as aesthetic considerations. Uplighters in wall mounted fittings serve as beautiful accompaniments to other accessories strewn over the bedroom. They are particularly efficient at lighting art effects or highlighting a cherished nook. Use easy to maintain fittings – it’s best to wipe the fittings with a soft dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation. An elegant glass wall bracket creates a spacious effect. Use bright pillows, colours like peach and grey with chandeliers…

Use approved varieties and save your back – coir, or a combination of coir and foam, but definitely go in for branded ones like Kurl-On: costing Rs. 6000 and more, it is worth the investment. Want to splurge on a water bed? Go on, fuel your pleasures.One has a varied range to choose from – white lacy, see-through curtains, heavy drapes that keep the sunlight out during harsh afternoons or even your good old organzas in vibrant colours. Heavy layers of drapes help in keeping sounds low and subdued. Fab India, Cotton Décor have a good choice ranging from Rs. 250 and upwards a piece.

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