Cool Makeup Vanities Cases Ideas For Stylish Bedroom 34
Cool Makeup Vanities Cases Ideas For Stylish Bedroom 34

30+ Cool Makeup Vanities Cases Ideas For Stylish Bedroom

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The bedroom is such an oasis for most people. It is a place for rest, romance and, of course, beauty.Compared to the other rooms in our home, it’s the place we spend most of our time. Assuming we get a good night’s sleep, we may spend anywhere between seven and nine hours a day there, between getting some rest, getting some loving and getting ready for work.That’s one of the best reasons to have vanity benches in your bedroom. Instead of making due in front of the bathroom mirror, you can create your own little corner of the world to prepare for the outdoor world in complete comfort and style.

It wasn’t so many decades ago that every bedroom had a vanity. Whether it was freestanding or built in, it featured handy drawers and a table, plus the requisite vanity mirror, often lit with multiple bulbs to lend even lighting to the area and you.Capping everything off was vanity benches of all shapes and sizes, letting you apply makeup, nail polish and lipstick comfortably and stylishly.While many people gravitate towards a chair for their vanity, vanity benches have an allure all their own. They are larger and more supple than a traditional chair, plus they have the added advantage of being able to tuck in under a table or outcropping, fully freeing up precious space in the room.

If you have a built-in vanity area, then shopping for a bench is relatively straightforward. You just need to shop for a style you like, choose colors that match your décor and decide on a size that not only fits the vanity area, but which can be tucked away when not in use.If you are purchasing a vanity as a separate piece of furniture, then you may want to select vanities that already have matching vanity benches. Again, scale is important, as is features. In other words, if you have the opportunity to purchase a vanity, you may want to think about the features you want the most, such as the number and sizes of drawers, the lighting around the mirror and the available storage for accessories and appliances, such as curling irons and straighteners.

One of the great things about a vanity is that you can choose a model that is a bit more feminine or romantic for your room than perhaps other pieces of furniture or your overall décor. Some of the models are extremely ornate and stylish, harkening back to the styles found in the 1920s or even back to the early 1800s. One of the great things about this is you can add a very romantic or classic piece that is brand new without the corresponding price tag of an antique. In many cases, you can’t even tell the difference between the newer pieces rolling off assembly lines and those found in area antique stores.

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