Beautiful Diy Console Table Design Ideas For Your Home 28
Beautiful Diy Console Table Design Ideas For Your Home 28

30+ Beautiful Diy Console Table Design Ideas For Your Home

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Contemporary console tables can be functional, decorative or a mixture of the two. Modern sideboards have the advantage of narrow designs, so they can be put in a hallway or foyer without cramping the space. Contemporary sideboards usually feature drawers and doors or shelves to hold linens, dishes, china or other decorations. In addition to the shelves, the table top makes a great display area for decorative items. It’s a great way to accentuate and personalize a room.

Contemporary console tables usually are totally open or have glass doors. These can serve many purposes. Shelves can be great for china, photographs, books and travel souvenirs. Modern sideboards that have glass doors have the advantage of being dust free and easy to keep clean, though you’ll want to wipe down the glass every now and then. Some contemporary sideboards have no glass, which has the advantage of making the contents easy to view and access. Choose a display style that fits your decoration.

Some contemporary console tables come with a roll desk style, a charming way to hide bills, mail and other paperwork during a dinner or cocktail party. Everybody needs an unloading zone, but it’s not like you want a landfill of papers sitting in your hallway. Contemporary sideboards with roll desk styles let you hide the mess elegantly.

Mirrors are also a nice complimentary feature for modern sideboards. This can be especially handy in bedrooms or foyers. Mirrors can contribute an feeling of open space to a room. Contemporary sideboards with mirrors work well next to the front door, as you can double check your hair or makeup as you walk out of the house.

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