Beautiful French Country Living Room Decor Ideas To Copy Asap 30
Beautiful French Country Living Room Decor Ideas To Copy Asap 30

20+ Unique French Country Bathroom Design Ideas To Copy

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French country bathrooms are about beauty, light, and most importantly, relaxation. The atmosphere in a French country home, and by extension, in the French country bath, is not dominated by practical concerns. While many of today’s bathrooms feature wall to wall tile, with shiny chrome fixtures and a antiseptic appearance, the style of French traditions includes more natural surfaces such as those seen throughout the rest of the home.

Floor coverings are one of the first considerations in the bath. These may be wood, or natural stone, travertine, or terra-cotta tile. One must take into consideration that if a surface is likely to become weathered in a bath or kitchen area, it is not considered a disadvantage in this decorating genre. Certainly, care should be taken to avoid water damage to the structure of your home, and safety should be a concern as well, but when things become worn or faded, they add to, not detract from, their usefulness in French country decor.

Just as important is color. The dominant color in French Country baths is white or some variation or shade of white. Soft fabrics, especially muslin and linens, are favored for their simple appeal. Colors are normally kept in the pastel range, allowing natural light to filter through the room easily. Some dark woods are occasionally used as accents or baseboards, or wood may be painted with a whitewash or milk paint effect.

Window treatments are usually kept to a minimum, since natural light is so highly sought after in the bath. Sheer panels may be used, or, if curtains are employed, they always include tiebacks or wall hooks so that they can be pulled aside to reveal the light streaming through the windows. Shower curtains are always made of cloth material, though a waterproof liner may be used if completely hidden from view.

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