Rustic Backyard Outdoor Wedding Ideas That You Will Love 47
Rustic Backyard Outdoor Wedding Ideas That You Will Love 47

20+ Rustic Backyard Outdoor Wedding Ideas That You Will Love

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For a more personal, intimate and relaxed outdoor wedding, you can always consider hosting it in your own backyard. Sure, hosting such a big and important event yourself creates a few more tasks for you, but with our help, planning ahead and of course, the help of your family and wedding party you can create a breathtaking and unforgettable wedding in your own or your family’s backyard.

When considering hosting your own event, you may start to feel a tad overwhelmed by all the details to be taken under consideration. Don’t panic, everything is quite manageable when done in a timely and organized manner. If you need additional help, seek out a wedding planner to take care of the big details so that you can focus your creativity and energy on the DIY smaller aspects and preparing your home for the event.

If you want to have a rather large wedding, be sure that your backyard will allow enough space for all your guests as well as your hired help without scrambling and tripping over each other. You want to ensure comfort and a relaxed, open feeling so that everyone can enjoy all the events of the day. You should also consider the space for a smaller wedding size. If your backyard is really large you can afford to spread things out a bit and incorporate some fun activities and games for your guests’ entertainment.

Of course, you will still need two staging areas if you are having both the ceremony and reception in your backyard. You can separate the two as distinct areas or even combine them by having your tables set up so that your guests may be seated right away and have a little gazebo or altar they would all face for your ceremony. If you have a gazebo, you can also use it as a dance floor for the reception.

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