Awesome Apartment Balcony Design Ideas For This Halloween 33
Awesome Apartment Balcony Design Ideas For This Halloween 33

30+ Awesome Apartment Balcony Design Ideas For This Halloween

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Determine what day your friends can attend, then create a Facebook event or send an Evite. Alert your neighbors to your party plans. Ask guests to wear costumes, or scary or funny hats – and you’ll be taking pictures! Enlist a friend as Helper on Party Day. Set up a docking station or a cord to your sound system and invite guests to share their music files. Order inexpensive Etch-It smart tags and pre-stick them on all cups and glasses so names can be written with a fingertip, avoiding drink mix-up and multiple-cup clutter. Coats and bags can lie over a lounging pillow in a corner. Want more? Invest in a multi-armed coat stand or, if allowed, mount large coat hooks onto the wall.

Furniture if you can’t sit on it or place a drink on it, temporarily remove it to a friend’s apartment or the hall. Free-up surfaces by relocating your knick-knacks to a box in your closet. Push remaining tables and chairs close to the walls. Think about traffic flow between the drink and food areas to maximize the mingle room. Arrange seating in semi-circular clusters. Set out the lounging pillow upon the floor.

Lay a large black trash bag within your kitchen sink and poke holes to drain away melted water. Fill it with loads of crushed ice. Trim bag with scissors, or cut 8 ‘spider’ legs. Place spring water and Etch-It tagged clear plastic cups nearby for self-service. Serve finger-food with toothpicks on small plates and frequently empty kitchen and main room trash bins. Place food bowls, platters, plates and napkins on several different tables, to avoid crowding around a single area.

This will be a standing party, so don’t fret about the seating. Extra small tables, however, are a good thing to borrow. Hang a large mirror in your main room for increased light and maximum impression of space. Tape your spooky decorations to the ceiling and walls to keep surfaces clear and locate larger, involved decorations in the kitchen area and rest room. Take lots of candid shots of everyone. Make sure to include some of yourself. Have the TV on mute playing supernatural films with great special effects or Black & White classics.

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