Amazing Diy Washi Tape Design Ideas For Kids Room To Try Asap 23
Amazing Diy Washi Tape Design Ideas For Kids Room To Try Asap 23

30+ Amazing Diy Washi Tape Design Ideas For Kids Room To Try Asap

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You can place your letters, words or sayings just about anywhere you desire in your child’s room. Some great kid room ideas are to put a quote or saying over your child’s doorway or along a wall border. Single words like “Imagine”, “Dream”, “Believe”, could be centered on doors or on small sections of walls.

To create your own decorative letters, words, and sayings all you need is a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Type what your want to put on your walls and then start experimenting with things like starting each word with a capital or using all lower case letters. A great tip for the experimental process is to test out different fonts by highlighting your letter, word, or phrase and then previewing each font to see how it looks.

Select a font and size that works well with the rest of the kid room. Once you’ve decided on the font and size, print it out and hold it up against your wall to verify that it’s actually the right size. Once you’ve happy with the font and size, take a pair of scissors and cut out your letter, word or each section of your saying just as you want it to appear on the wall of your child’s room.

Depending on your level artistic ability or the difficulty of the font, you can either place a piece of carbon behind your print out and position it where you want it on your wall using green painter’s tape and trace over the letter(s) with a pen or pencil; or try your hand at free-styling. If you’re going to draw out a freehand outline you’ll want to affix the letter, word or saying just above the area you’ll be drawing on. A second piece of painter’s tape positioned just below where you want your saying will give you a straight line to work from. Create your outline in pencil and then use either a paint pen or a permanent marker to finish it off.

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