Charming Animal Pot Design Ideas For Indoor Mini Planters 25
Charming Animal Pot Design Ideas For Indoor Mini Planters 25

30+ Charming Animal Pot Design Ideas For Indoor Mini Planters

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A pot holder is used to protect a non-fireproof surface against a hot kitchen crockery or used to hold hot pots to avoid burning the hands. They are an item that many of us take for granted in the kitchen until we cannot find them when needed. Some holders are largely decorative, but most are made of dense fabrics having a heat protective layer. Felted wool or other natural textiles can work very well to protect hands or tables also.

The birth of the first holder dates back to time immemorial when man first discovered fire and realized that if touched with bare hands, it could cause severe burns to the skin. Initially, animal hides were brought to use as simple pot holders to transfer hot earthen pots from the kitchen to the eating place. Decades later, the animal hides were replaced by rags and torn out clothing materials for serving.

By the 1920s, the rags were replaced by flimsy textiles made with knitted lace, making them very similar to the flapper dresses of that era. In the 1930s, pot holders were crocheted and designed whimsically with animals, faces, flowers, fruits, leaves and even cars. Soon after, by the 1940s, towels, tablecloths, curtains, canisters and aprons also evolved in to the matching set with them.

Replicating the idea of protecting the hands against burns, aprons were also introduced into the kitchen world in the 1950s. Women enthusiastically knitted, crocheted, decorated, quilted, embroidered, and sewed stunningly creative, but sometimes quirky, pot holders and aprons. They were found to follow directions found in women magazines during that era.

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