Casual Diy Mini Winter Trees Ideas For Alternative Project 35
Casual Diy Mini Winter Trees Ideas For Alternative Project 35

20+ Casual Diy Mini Winter Trees Ideas For Alternative Project

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If you’ve ever been stuck for an original gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for-person on your list, (and who hasn’t?) consider a bonsai. As a gift, a bonsai is a peerless example of a gift with lasting appeal. It is a gift with history. It is a piece of art. It is the gateway to a lifelong hobby. A bonsai is an all-natural, ecologically friendly gift. A bonsai is alive. And maybe best of all, every single bonsai is unique to start with and will become more so as the years go by. While some bonsai are valued at thousands of dollars, it’s not difficult to find many impressive gift trees from specialized greenhouses or online for less than a hundred dollars.

Many people think that you need the emerald green thumb voodoo gift to keep a bonsai alive and that isn’t the case. Now, there are some trees that are rare and incredibly valuable and difficult to care for. Some trees require a considerable amount of attention and expertise and if you’re living in a cold climate, preparing an outdoor tree for the winter can be a challenge. But there are also many, many bonsai types that are easy to care for. For the uninitiated, an easy to care for bonsai that will survive inside during the winter like any other “houseplant” is probably the best place to start.

This is my personal favorite bonsai gift for people who have never grown a bonsai before. The correct name is Portulacaria afra and it’s a South African native, but since so many are familiar with Jade trees as houseplants, the Mini Jade or Dwarf Jade is probably a better name. Here’s another bonsai that will drop its leaves if it gets too stressed, but again they easily grow back and this might very well be the number one easy-to-grow bonsai. Mini jades – like their full sized namesake are also very attractive in an exotic and quite unique way.

Their rounded, very fleshy leaves look like something a dinosaur would have hidden behind, although in the case the mini jade it would be a very small one. While you cannot ever let any bonsai completely dry out, I’ve found jades to be among the more forgiving of little watering slip-ups. That alone would qualify them for this list, but you’ll find that with their tiny leaves and remarkably tree-like appearance for something so small, the mini jade bonsai makes an outstanding gift bonsai.

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