Attractive Kitchen Masterpiece Design Ideas From Ikea Furniture 23
Attractive Kitchen Masterpiece Design Ideas From Ikea Furniture 23

30+ Attractive Kitchen Masterpiece Design Ideas From Ikea Furniture

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This is a simple concept that combines form and function, making one of the most used rooms in your home functional, stylish, and homey. The National Kitchen and Bath Association defines the “work triangle” as an imaginary line between the three most used elements in any kitchen: the sink, the cook top, and the refrigerator.The sink is the work site for preparation, the cook top for cooking, and the refrigerator for cold storage. These are the hub of all kitchen activity. A functional and well-designed kitchen allows for good work flow and pleasant experience.

The basic layout of the kitchen design is a triangle with their three sides measuring no more than 26 feet in length. The straight line between any two of the work stations should be between 4 and 9 feet, without being impeded by a peninsula or island by more than 12 inches. Further, household traffic should not flow directly through the work area.A few reasons for these guidelines are that the food preparer will frequently go between these work stations, the distances will allow for efficient and more streamlined workflow, and household traffic would hinder that work flow.

There are several variations of the standard triangle. L-shaped kitchens have a long wall with two of the elements intersecting a short wall with the other, the sink being the central element.The Double L kitchen allows ample storage and counters for larger kitchens, and with an extra sink or cook top provides two functional triangles for a second cook. The U- kitchen allows for three walls with the sink in the center section and cook top and refrigerator opposite one another.

The G- kitchen builds upon the U-shape by placing a fourth wall with an extra sink or cook top, creating two functional triangles. An I-shaped kitchen in a small, confined, and narrow area can be used if the sink is in the middle. A central sink allows for this non-triangle to benefit from the triangle concept in part.The Galley is a Double I-shape, with cabinets, counters, and our three key elements on opposing walls. The sink should have its own wall facing the cook top and refrigerator.

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