Awesome Floral Bedroom Design Ideas With Wallpaper Theme 43
Awesome Floral Bedroom Design Ideas With Wallpaper Theme 43

20+ Awesome Floral Bedroom Design Ideas With Wallpaper Theme

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There are many different faux wallpaper styles available today that give you the look of a time consuming faux painting technique while requiring less work and less expense. To really give your focal point some extra appeal, try placing large floral garden wall decals on your freshly papered focal point wall. If you are artistic, you could simply paint the focal point flowers and stems onto the wall using the colors of your choice.

Try installing a small crisp stripe wallpaper on the remaining walls of your bedroom along with a coordinating wall border placed at the chair rail level to add visual appeal.

Paint your existing woodwork, trim and furniture a crisp white to blend in with the floral theme room decor. You can pick up companion pieces of furniture at local garage sales and thrift stores and give them new life by adding a fresh coat of white paint. You want the floral theme to be dominant in the room decor, so the furniture and trim should be color neutral.

You will want the fabric to be a solid or small print so that it doesn’t compete with the look of the room and become too distracting from the overall theme. For a sweet look, add small polka dot sheets and throw pillows for contrast. A white throw blanket makes a lovely accent for the bottom of the bed.

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