Affordable Hanging Plant Pots Design Ideas On A Budget 35
Affordable Hanging Plant Pots Design Ideas On A Budget 35

20+ Affordable Hanging Plant Pots Design Ideas On A Budget

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Do your knees bother you when you bend? Do you get dizzy when you stand from a kneeling position due to blood pressure problems or other health related problems? We could go on for a while with many questions about problems not only the elderly but also many young people have that could affect their enjoyment when working with plants or gardening. Using the traditional planting methods of planting or container gardening can greatly aggravate many medical conditions. For those that really love to garden, this can be a serious turn-off to keeping a garden.

Traditional container gardening requires you to bend or kneel to do the real planting or to tend your plants in their container. Planting a garden in the normal way also requires you to bend or to sit directly on the ground to work around your plants or vegetables. Using a device such as an upside down plant pot or as they are now known, Down Under Pots, can help you avoid many of they problems of bending or winding up in a position that might aggravate any health problems that you may have. When using the down under pot, you can hang them at any level you like that is comfortable for you. By hanging them at a comfortable level, you reduce your chances of feeling pain from bending.

This is a great benefit for anyone with medical restrictions or blood pressure related problems such as feeling dizzy from changing positions rapidly. One more great benefit is that people with severe back problems do not need to bend to work with their plants. Weeding becomes easy. Watering which needs to be done on a very regular basis and is critical to the health and welfare of your plants is nearly effortless when using an upside down pot. All you need to do is walk up to the pot and water your plants without any need to bend or stoop down.

Using a down under pot is not just beneficial to your problems with health related issues but it is also a unique new look in container gardeningDown Under Pots can be a dual-purpose pot in the respect that once you have your plant established to the point of being rooted solid enough so you can turn the pot over and hang it as it is intended to hang. You can then use what now becomes the upper opening of the plant pot as a place to plant a useful plant like herbs to use in your everyday cooking.

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