Spectacular Diy Wooden Pallet Furniture Design Ideas For Your Home 38
Spectacular Diy Wooden Pallet Furniture Design Ideas For Your Home 38

30+ Spectacular Diy Wooden Pallet Furniture Design Ideas For Your Home

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The city of Grand Rapids agrees and works hand in hand with Michigan in considering wood pallets as ‘clean wood’, which can be reused, land-filled or used as bark mulch and fire wood unlike the scrap wood and treated wood. Being the country’s center for furniture production, Grand Rapids is committed in bringing world-class wood products while striving to be environmentally responsible.

Wooden pallets are very much preferred and used by small and large companies, farms and even homeowners in Grand Rapids. This is because wooden pallets are cheaper than plastic and metal pallets. Another reason is that they are made from renewable resources and are recyclable; and most importantly, wood pallets have high friction to make loads more secure.

Pallets, sometimes called skids, are made from hardwood or softwood planks. Three quarters of newly manufactured hardwood construction are oak, and it gets about 50% of the hardwood timber harvested in the country. Wood pallets are easy to manage and leave almost zero waste disposals. A recent study by the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products at Virginia Tech and the USDA report that a very small quantity of 0.2 percent of broken pallets goes to a landfill. Pallets are not made from fresh materials but from the unusable cut from preparing and processing timber so wood pallets are not only recyclable but efficiently transform waste material into a viable product.

Grand Rapids’ pallet industry works favorably well for business and home owners in the city. The local government is making every effort to support the industry. The wood pallets industry is a big boost for sound environmental and economic revitalization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. By repairing and recycling this wooden supply, we are reducing the cutting of trees and usable materials out of landfills as well as providing employment and materials to thousands of employers and companies.

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