Popular Kitchen Organization Design Ideas For Raising Your Kitchen Cabinet 18
Popular Kitchen Organization Design Ideas For Raising Your Kitchen Cabinet 18

30+ Popular Kitchen Organization Design Ideas For Raising Your Kitchen Cabinet

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First Things First: Get Rid of Items that You No Longer Need
The first step towards organizing your kitchen is to get rid of items that you no longer use. These include extra baking pans, pots, cups, glasses, plates, and coffee makers that have not been used for years but just consume space in your cupboard or cabinet. If you have a garage or storage space outside the house, it is a good idea to move these things out in order to give way for other useful items, and also give your kitchen room to breathe.

Identify the Items that Cause Clutter in your Kitchen
After you have gotten rid of things you do not want or need, you can start facing the problem. Look at the kitchen items you have and identify what contributes to much of the clutter and consumes the most space. For items that exceed a dozen or so, there are several designs of kitchen organizers in the market that can put them orderly in one place. For cups and glasses, you can buy under-shelf cup holders that make easy access for these items. Single and double drawers can be used for glasses and other cooking products. These are made from durable metal material that looks neat and trendy.

If you have cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, you should get stackable storage containers so that you can utilize all space from top to bottom. For cooking ingredients like salt, pepper, and powders, you can place them in turntables and lazy susans that are made of plastic. There are also spice racks that come with magnetic spice canisters that allow the placement of these on top and at the bottom of the rack.

Baskets and expandable drawers are useful for forks and spoons, while caddies with compartments are good for packs of condiments. For bigger items like coffee makers and rice dispensers, there are durable roll out drawers that can hold them securely. These are very easy to clean with soap and water, and are easy to take out when they need to be cleaned. Moreover, there are interlocking and compartmentalized drawers that can be used for cutlery and smaller utensils. The only thing that you have to do is look for the design that best fits your needs.

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