How Do I Care For A Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti require bright indirect light or filtered light and enough moisture that the potting material does not dry out. Place the plant on a paper towel and put it in a warm well-ventilated location so the roots can dry overnight.

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Follow these Christmas cactus care tips to make the most out of your pretty holiday plant.

How do i care for a christmas cactus. Adequate moisture is essential for this plant. Ideally keep the humidity around your Thanksgiving cactus above 50 percent and temperatures between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. If you want your plant to bloom again it needs extended periods of darkness and cool temps.

How should I care for my Christmas cactus. In spring and summer water only when the top 2-3cm of compost is dry and let any excess water drain away Christmas cacti suffer if they sit in cold wet compost. Mist your plant a few times a week or place on.

Do Christmas Cactus Like Coffee Grounds. In fall and winter fertilize monthly. Choose a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer or half strength.

Remove the Christmas cactus from the container immediately. These tropical cacti thrive in warm humid conditions. In the spring through the fall it is recommended to give your Christmas cactus a standard houseplant water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks.

Place the cactus in an east-facing window for moderate light and some direct sun. Regular pruning helps maintain your plants size promotes fuller branches and encourages more blooms. Dont overwater because Christmas cactus is a succulent that absolutely cant tolerate soggy feet.

Applying a mild houseplant. The Christmas cactus Schlumbergera truncata or Zygocactus truncatus is a native plant of Brazil which lives in the warm and humid forests in the trunks of the treesIt is therefore an epiphyte plant that grows in places where direct sunlight does not reach. How Much Sun Does a Christmas Cactus Need.

In an interview with Tulsa World Dr. To make sure your plant is getting the right levels of humidity place it on a tray of pebbles and fill the tray with water. Make sure you frequently and thoroughly water the plant particularly during its most active growth periods in.

However plants can be too wet as well as too dry. Time your trimming for late spring or early summer so your plants ready for holiday time. Proper Christmas cactus care changes depending on times of year.

Actually there are reports of Christmas cacti living more than 100 years so theres a chance that grocery store plant could outlive you. Trim away affected roots and rinse the remaining roots gently to remove fungus. The Christmas cactus chlumbergera bridesii or Schlumbergera truncata is actually not a cactus at all but a member of the succulent family.

You can also give it a dose of Epsom salts more about this in a moment. It is important to keep the soil of your Christmas cactus moist but not overwatered. You can soak its soil until the.

How do you save a dying Christmas cactusIf you catch the disease early you may be able to save it. Apply a high-potassium fertilizer every two weeks once buds form. The Christmas cactus is a very popular houseplantand for good reason.

If you want to learn more about the relationship between coffee grounds and plants you can visit that link. How to care for a Christmas cactusIf you picked up or were given a Christmas cactus this year dont throw it out at the beginning of the year as you might a live Christmas tree. Allow Christmas cactus moisture levels to drop and dry out some between watering intervals but never completely and never let the plant sit in water as this will lead to root and stem rot.

Do not allow it to dry completely in between waterings. A fertilizer that dissolves in water makes it easier to feed. Water your Christmas cactus when the top inch of its soil feels dry to the touch.

Water only when the surface feels dry to the touch. Learn how to care for Christmas cactus in this easy to follow gardening guide and youll have a beautiful blooming plant just in time. About Christmas CactiUnlike other cacti the Christmas cactus Schlumbergera x buckleyi and its relatives dont live in hot arid environments such as deserts or plains.

As Schlumbergera hail from rainforests they do best in a humid atmosphere. Look out for a potassium nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer and feed it to your cactus once or twice a month during its growing season. Tom Ingram a horticulturalist at.

What Do You Feed A Christmas Cactus. Average household temperatures are usually adequate for Thanksgiving cacti. This will ensure the plant forms buds easier and eventually it blooms around Christmas.

In addition fertilize the plant with a monthly application of a magnesium sulfate solution at a ratio of 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water but dont apply the. For these reasons it requires more water than most succulents remember to let the soil dry out before. To ensure your Christmas cactus gets enough moisture Satch recommends checking the soil.

Caring for a Christmas cactus. Reigning from the tropics this succulent needs specific and attentive care in order to bloom during Christmas time. To prevent mineral and soluble salts buildup it is best to water with rainwater or melted snow at room temperature.

Make sure that your cactus is properly potted with lightweight soil that allows for drainage into a planter with holes at the base. The plant requires frequent and thorough watering during its active growth in spring and summer keeping the soil slightly moist. Fertilize your Christmas cactus twice a month with a high-potassium fertilizer from spring through early fall.

In Northern areas Christmas cactus may take some direct sun in the morning but its better to filter direct sun with a sheer curtain or keep it a couple of feet back from a sunny window. Fertilize your Christmas cactus every month in the growing season or from mid spring to early autumn. When the top layer of soil feels dry or when its leaves start to wrinkle is when you should give your plant a good drink.

With proper care a Christmas cactus can live for decades and get quite large. Also you can use coffee grounds as soil for this plant if you want. Water more sparingly during winter and during the two rest periods.

During the fall and winter it is best if you give that same fertilizer to. Give your plant bright indirect light. Christmas cactus moisture is important as well.

Feed a Christmas cactus with a 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 plant food diluted with water to 50 strength. Dont treat a Christmas cactus like its a run-of-the-mill cactus or succulent. Follow these directions when your plant is finished blooming for a repeat performance.

What Soil Works Best for a Christmas Cactus. A mix of sand and an all-purpose potting mix works best for a Christmas cactus.

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