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Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring This Current 38

30+ Impressive Bathroom Design Ideas For Spring This Current

Bathrooms and kitchens, we all hear that these rooms are what most impacts potential buyers. And it makes sense; the majority of our waking hours are spent in these two places. Today, I am going to take on the issue of trendy versus functional bathrooms.

My first tip is to avoid the temptation to design for the ‘wow factor.’ And what I mean by this is, massive spaces with immense whirlpool tubs and ‘vessel’ sinks perched atop the counter, while trendy and impressive at first sight, are not the most functional of spaces. Space in the bathroom is nice, but design for functional space. Extra storage in the bathroom is something that we all know is helpful, but something that is so rare in bathrooms.

Even the massive bathrooms that are bigger than most of our master bedrooms, typically only have a tiny closet and the space under the sink for storage space. How much nicer would it be if you had extra room for more towels, toiletries, and all the flat irons, hair curlers, etc. that you own?

Tip two is to make certain there is plenty of light. Ideally, this is in the form of natural light. If you can put in a window (or two) that will make a major difference for you and for potential buyers.The third tip is to be certain of plenty of ventilation. The addition of windows will increase the effectiveness of the electric fan in the bathroom. Hot, steamy showers create a very humid environment, and a well ventilated area makes sure there are no negative repercussions from those wonderful hour-long showers.

Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Decor Ideas 37

30+ Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Decor Ideas

There are many reasons for remodeling bathrooms. Whether the room is inadequate in some way, in need of updating or it is just time for a change, bathroom makeovers solve problems of many kinds. The place to start is with a list of goals and priorities.With a clear set of goals, you can begin your design and shopping for fixtures and materials for the bathroom makeovers. Some homeowners plan an update of all bathrooms in the house at one time. This can simplify the process of selecting and purchasing materials for the project and occasionally saving some money.

The recent shift to very large bathrooms has caused many homeowners to consider bathroom makeovers. Some people who remodel baths will enlarge the spaces by reallocating some space in the house or by extending the walls with a bump out or an addition. Other homeowners will try to remodel in ways that adds important types of space and creates the impression of spaciousness.

Because changing the location of major plumbing fixtures (tub, toilet, sink) can be the most expensive element in bathroom makeovers, the focus is often on finding new fixtures that are designed on a smaller scale or that use space differently. For example, exchanging a sink set in a large vanity cabinet for a wall-mounted sink opens a large amount of floor space. This creates the impression of a larger room.

The choice to remove a vanity during a remodel creates a different set of challenges. In many bathrooms, the only storage space is the vanity. Removing the cabinet leaves no storage space for towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, makeup, grooming appliances.

Best Classic Country Bathtub Ideas To Try Now 49

20+ Best Classic Country Bathtub Ideas To Try Now

One of the most significant additions to your new home is selecting your bathtubs. Choosing the proper tub for each bathroom is an important decision. Just as you had to choose amongst everything from luxury home floor plans to traditional ranch plans, bathtub options are plentiful. Bathtubs can be built-in or freestanding, soaking tubs, shower combinations, or tubs built for two. And each style is offered in an abundance of materials, shapes and sizes.

The size of your bathroom will set the stage for your options. Keep in mind that home style often guides but certainly doesn’t dictate bathroom size. Colonial houseplans, for example, may often feature smaller bathrooms. Tubs can range from 40 to 85 inches in length and 22-72 inches in width and 12-32 inches in depth. Different sizes account for different functions. A deeper tub is more suitable for soaking, or for people of larger stature. In contrast, a petite person may be uncomfortable in a deep, larger tub. Design your bathroom to meet your needs and accommodate the home’s style.

Built-in and freestanding tubs are the two most common styles in most homes. Built-ins can either be alcove, drop-in or corner designs. Alcove tubs are the standard American bathtub. These frontal exposure tubs are on the shallow side, typically include a shower, and are available with limited customizable options.

Drop-in, or sunk-in, models are sunken into the floor or a tub deck and can also be described as garden tubs. The expansive deep spa tub makes them ideal for relaxing, especially in large bathrooms with a separate shower. The surrounding deck space is ideal for candles and soaking accessories for a spa-like experience. Corner models are similar, as they are situated to the corner of the bathroom with surrounds on the two sides.

Awesome Country Bathroom Shelves Ideas You Must Try 40

30+ Awesome Country Bathroom Shelves Ideas You Must Try

A lovely country bathroom design would have to have a central focal point of interest, an expensive footed bath tub. There are many styles that are associated with country bathrooms, but the old fashioned footed tub has to be an association easily made in the minds of many who have actually used such a bathroom. These big tubs are found in many styles including the high sides that support the bathers head even while bathing in a back upright position instead of stretched out in the tub. The key point to a country bathroom is comfort. To design one that doesn’t look like it could belong in a city apartment or a ranch house is really technical in scope.

The footed tub is one possibility as is the pedestal sink. The sink should be quite large and impressive. The toilet should also be picked from one of the higher seated styles. Cupboards in county bathrooms should be tiered shelves with all the necessities for a bath or toilet use clearly visible. Most bathroom designs do not have closed cupboards as towels are stored in the spacious hallway closets or elsewhere. Sparkling white fixtures and country style wall paper are the usual designs found in these bathrooms.

Wall paper seems to be a necessity in completing the country look. The paper should match the flooring which can be anything from ceramic to an expensive acrylic. Floor rugs should be non slip and the space should be left as easily open to cleaning as possible. A good plumber who can install the necessary plumbing and leave an easily accessible space to repair bath and shower plumbing is really a part of the foundation of country design.

Lighting fixtures in a country bathroom can be as ornamental as Tiffany glass scones covering the light bulb fixtures or as simple as frosted glass balls. The selection of just the right fixture can complete the design for the bathroom in a complementary fashion or it can mar it. Every facet of the bathroom needs to blend to give a total look of wide open spaces, fields and gardens. Wallpaper with roosters prancing can meet soft white towels with ducks in a row motif and the bathtub rug can be a while lamb’s wool shag with rubberized backing.

Stunning Country Mirror Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must Have 46

20+ Stunning Country Mirror Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must Have

There are so many ways to give your home a unique flair when decorating. Do not let the bathroom go unnoticed in favor of decorating the larger rooms of the house. However, the bathroom is still a room that is visited regularly, and it is fun to spice it up with shower curtains, rugs, and bathroom wall mirrors. Mirrors, in particular, draw the most attention and can really pull the whole room together.

The mirror is the first thing everyone notices when walking into a bathroom. Because the bathroom is a smaller room, it is one of the only ways to experiment with decorative appeal and be eye-catching. Thus, it is important to utilize a decorative wall mirror in order to give the room a color scheme and make the most important aspect of the area as unique and decorative as possible.

Custom made mirrors are a great way to go about employing a unique appeal. Since they are so individualistic, they can be designed to match any color scheme. They are a great way to offset a printed, decorative shower curtain. It also makes it fun to pick out other accentuating wall decorations, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes. Having a bathroom that is bright and fresh can make give the whole house a better environment.

These decorative wall mirrors are also a great way to add a certain type of style to the house. If the entire house is decorated in a contemporary fashion, a custom mirror can be chosen to match. They can also fit a more country look or be downright unusual as a bold accent. In any sense, it is fun to play with the various shapes and colors and experiment with hanging mirrors horizontally and vertically for different looks.

Lovely Rug Bathroom And Makeover Ideas You Must Try 39

20+ Lovely Rug Bathroom And Makeover Ideas You Must Try

Interestingly enough, bathrooms lead the way as far as remodeling is concerned, both in new homes being built, and in existing properties. At least, this is what statistics tend to suggest, and they also tell us that on average, bathrooms nowadays are approximately three times bigger than they were sixty or seventy years ago. Of course, the biggest reason for people having a bathroom makeover is because we tend to spend more time in our bathrooms nowadays than we did before.

Gone are the days when a bath or shower was a quick, rushed affair, but instead, most people now like to use the opportunity to relax and unwind after a stressful day. To a great extent, this due to the fact that spas have become increasingly popular, and many people are now trying to recreate the same environment in their own bathrooms.